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"DJ Imty" is one of the esteem DJ of today’s entertainment. imty been creative with his talent in all music genres to fit the right occasions for all his clients. DJ imty’s passion towards his work has always kept him notable DJ over many years. DJ imty’s aim to obtain a position in the music industry by his knowledge and talent in which he can utilize his skills and learn from the experts as he work’s his way towards his ultimate goal of producing own original dance tracks, remixes and commercially released mixed CD’s.

DJ imty’s journey towards success has been an eventful one, with loads of experience gained at the very early stage of his DJing career.An image made by him in this industry of music is worth the respect given to him by others.


DJ Big J Print E-mail
DJ Big J @ Work

Music has been my journey. I started my career as a Disc Jockey by assisting senior DJ’s, which is why I have a mind to understand my audience and their likes.

After being associated with the best Mumbai clubs in the last five years, I confide in my abilities to deliver a cutting edge in music and stand true to my reputed profile. High profile clientele stand testimony to my superior styles of getting a party to life. 


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First Female DJ of India / Audio Engineer / Music Producer / Remixer

She is a right example of a new carrier option for ladies of today's generation. Despite of djin being a challenging job for girls in India, she refused to bow down and sculpting herself the cue's, bars, experimenting different style of mixing, sensing musical pulse of the people turned her into a self made dj. She has been a celebrity dj since 1997.

DJ Ketan Shetty Print E-mail
DJ_Ketan_Shetty The successfully DJ who has completed 10 years in Mumbai’s best nightclub. Besides playing in High Lounge, Sahara Star, V Lounge - CEST'LA'VIE, Puro Bar & Kitchen, etc he freelances for private shows and parties. He's versatile, Right from spinning live bollywood remixes and U.K. bhangra tunes to club, hip hop ,r n b, tech house,tribal,progressive and melodic trance, dj Ketan does it all in great style. His passion for music makes people dance on their toes, giving you a blast from the past from the maestro of Bollywood music. His escapades have taken him to the best pubs in and around Mumbai.
DJ Kiran Print E-mail
DJ_Kirann One of the best Dj of India Dj Kiran need no introduction.He was playing and handling more than 30 Dj's under him working for Dj Akhtar officialy and unofficialy playing at exclusive clubs, pubsand lounge bars like Fire and Ice( Pune) , Rock bottom, Dusks  (the parks hotel Mumbai), Polyesthers , Avalon, Insomnia(Taj), J49, Enigma & spices(JW marriot), Dome Intercontinental hotel, Tendulkars, Vie lounge ultimate .One of the most prominent names in Club Culture and the Indian Dance music industries.
DJ LiL'B Print E-mail
DJ LIL’B aka BHAVINI SHAH is a 22 year old Music Aficionado, a Clubbing Soul, a Hip-Hop Hustler, a Night Life Lover, a Die Hard Workaholic, a Junk Foodie, a Bling Crazy Freak from Mumbai and also the first Indian female DJ to spin on Ableton Live!!! 
Artist by birth – she started earning at a tender age of 13 by taking tuitions & arts n’ craft classes in her vacations before shifting gear to something more serious –Glamour Broadcast Journalism! 
Anchoring, Reporting, Voiceover, Script Writing, Handling Events & PR, was a part of her curriculum at an age of 15years for a famous TV show ‘Was sup Mumbai’ which was based on Page3 Events like Fashion Shows, Launches, Press Conferences, Boutique Inaugurations, Premiere Shows, Awards, etc. 
DJ Maddy Print E-mail
DJ_Maddy MAHENDER JOSHI AKA Dj Maddy Known for his versatile style of music in the scene of Nightlife . In very short time he had performed wd so many artist all around the world. His passion starts for music wen he was just 18 years now passion turned to his profession. He always leave sum musical memories to d crowd in every performnce. rfoBegan to perform at Clubs and in 2006 WID GURGAON'S NO.1 CLUB ODYSSEY THE - DECK as a resident dj for 1 year.Now He is OFFICIAL DJ FOR JUGGY-D ALL OVER INDIA. Have also performed  at TAJ KRISHNA (taj groups) @ CLUB AHALA HYDERABAD
DJ Pradeep Print E-mail

Dj Pradeep (Pradeep Prabhu) from Mumbai (India) is an active mixer with loadsof style, energy & passion.Here's a dj with no bull - just raw talent for the music he plays With so many DJs out there these days, it's very difficult to stand out from the crowd. So thechoice of tunes that I play is what fits in with MY style and not what is deemed the latest, greatest,biggest, blah blah by all the record stores.I love playing a full range of house & Bollywood Music.

When I'm playing I love watching the crowd and feeling what they want next and then giving it tothem 100%.As any DJ will tell you when the crowd is pumping and you are all connecting as one there issimply nothing like it!

DJ Pratik Print E-mail
D. J. Pratik has begun Keeping in touch with the true rhythmof desi culture. Blending mixes of east and west, highly inspired by Midival Punditz, Bandish Projekt, Indian & International DJ’s. He has started steppingfurther to set a milestone in the field of Clubbing. His love for music derived from his experience on the keyboard and othermusical instruments. A child prodigy who started at his young in thisentertainment circuit in his early teens has proved to be this generationsadorable & wanted DJ.Apart from this Pratik has touched heart & souls through his performance.DJ Pratik has vowed that through his album he will surely touch the heartsof million. DJ Pratik is in constant experimentation and evolution, and isconstantly pushing boundaries of what the DJ can be....
DJ Praveen Nair Print E-mail


A superstar dj who spins innovative sounds and entertains music lovers and herald a new wave in Bollywood remixes, house and fusion music. DJ Praveen Nair is the most sought after DJ for the most happening high profile events as well as corporate houses in India. He is creating ripples not only in the Indian Scene but is Live & Hands on in International waters too. His shows has seen him playing in places such as Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Australia, China, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong, Greece, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Moscow, Sri Lanka & Middle East. DJ Praveen Nair has released his debut pop music album ‘Burn D’ Dance Floor’ on Times Music, filled with his trademark style and funk catering to today’s ‘It’ generation.

DJ REME Print E-mail
DJ_REME Born in Bombay, DJ Reme is a talented dj, an awesome music producerand remixer. His career started when he was 18 years old at a clubcalled Cellars, one of the first Elite Night clubs of Bombay city. Gobananas and Piano Bar were the following ones, before he started oneof his most important residencies, at “Velocity” in the year 2001, were he has played with the most famous djs.

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DJ Shireen is not only popular in Kolkata but also in the rest of the country in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow etc. She was one of the most popular student in school as she has won prizes for DJing, Rjing, Vjing, Acting, Mimic, Rapping, Dancing etc. Not just Kolkata she has won numerous awards in various colleges from Mumbai and other parts of India too. Becoming Miss Mallhar at St Xaviers, Mumbai made her quite popular with the young crowd of Mumbai.

DJ SK Print E-mail
DJ_SK DJ SK has been on the decks since a young age, playing at all the familyparties & has played at more than 250 Private Events till date including
1.       Fashion Shows,
2.       Corporate get-togethers ,
3.       Marriage & Engagement functions
4.       Pubs, clubs and dancehalls.
Today he hosts his own shows nd spin at top notch Venues like TAWOUK, REDLIGHT, VIE LOUNGE, BLING, VELVET LOUNGE AND STILL MORE TO COME.


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