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One of the most special occasions in any person's life is wedding, with this in mind Viraj Entertainment has taken special care and time to create this section of our web site for you to browse at your leisure and plan out your wedding.

Our service aims to assist couples and their families with the preparations of their wedding day. Together with our experience in Event Management, we also have the knowledge and the contacts to offer you what we feel is the best possible advice and quotations for a range of services, most of which can be negotiated on your behalf, saving you considerable time, effort and resources.

It is not surprising to see how many of us now prefer to have a wedding co-ordinator organise their day. Although once thought of as a luxury, today wedding co-ordinators are now steadily becoming a necessity in planning out weddings successfully. More and more of us are now preferring to hand over the duties to professionals in order to let their families enjoy themselves on the day, rather than being loaded down with a number of duties. This way, a wedding truly turns out to be an occasion where moments are enjoyed and cherished.

An average Indian wedding is likely to take considerable time in planning. This can get daunting for anyone. This is where we come in. We are in a position to offer advice on several levels, including choosing the right suppliers, planning and executing plans smoothly on the actual day.

Viraj Entertainment have the experience to negotiate contracts with suppliers and this in turn can save valuable time and money. Each contract with you is handled personally and each event can be tailor-made to suit your needs.


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